The 'LOVE + WONDER' Collection is highly unique. It is ART...BUILT ON THE QUANTUM SCIENCE OF HOW LOVE CAN TRANSFORM US... through the ART we experience and love.

I believe that LOVE and WONDER are the highest forms of human thinking. Through advanced science, I have found a way to imbue my art with LOVE and positive uplift you... and help you experience MORE LOVE in your life....and in your home. Sounds strange? on.........

Quantum Physics has shown that thoughts and emotions, are really made up of energy and waves at the sub-atomic (quantum) level, which can have an impact on the energy fields of objects, including ART, to permeate it with positive energy, and enhance its vibrational frequency... to actually create feelings of LOVE.

Experiencing my art can manifest LOVE + WONDER in your home, and through the principles of Quantum Physics, Vibrational Color Theory, the Energy of Intention, the Vibrational Frequencies of Shapes and Symbols, the Universal Interconnectedness of All Things,... and the multiple human psychological mechanisms, evolutionary biological cues and human  experiences with learned associations.... along with our brain's amazing process of neuroplasticity to change thinking..... it can help develop specific new thought patterns, feelings and experiences that through experiencing my art.... may well help you to experience more LOVE. My LOVE + WONDER series supports this ideal.

All physical (colors and objects), and non-physical things (thoughts and emotions), have a measurable energy or vibrational frequency.

The ability to infuse an object (my art) with LOVE during its creation, is based on the proven science that all things physical ...(colors and objects), and non-physical ...(thoughts), have an energy or vibrational frequency that can be influenced by the artist's thoughts and emotions directed towards the object.

By focusing on positive thoughts, feelings and meditations towards LOVE, wonder, joy, and gratitude, and using shapes and colors consistent with the known vibrational frequencies of LOVE + WONDER... I am able to pass this state on to 'the object of ART' .....which will retain, then pass on this high-level energy to those who are experiencing (viewing) the object (art), .... who can also experience those same feelings.

This can create art that can transcend the physical medium and long distances and time... and actually touch the souls of those who encounter it.

Art that can touch the souls of those who experience it.

The profound impact that art made with an understanding of these techniques can have on human emotions and well-being, is proven....and real. LOVE, when intentionally channeled, can transcend the physical medium and touch the souls of those who encounter it. My art can help create positive thinking, wonder and visualization which can have a positive impact on a person or family's mental health, their well-being, and even their ability for improved personal and relational happiness, and even their future life success.

The established sub-atomic science of Quantum Physics, Vibrational Color Theory, The Energy of Intention, The Vibrational Frequencies of Shapes and Symbols, and the Universal Interconnectedness of All Things must be understood and incorporated.

all Thoughts and emotions are physical and interconnected.

Everything in our universe, including matter, energy, … and even our own consciousness… is actually physical.

At the most basic subatomic level, everything in our universe, including matter, energy, … and even our own thinking, emotions and consciousness… is actually physical, according to today’s latest science of Quantum Mechanics and the Theory of Everything. In simple terms: everything in the universe, from the tiniest atom to the biggest star, including your own mind, is part of the physical world and follows the same natural laws. ….ALL MATTER is constantly in a state of vibration which creates energy formed into waves, each with its own energy levels.... that we can each experience, both physically and as emotions.....such as LOVE.

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the universe is not made up of independent discrete objects, but rather a continuous, connected field of energy and vibration.

Additionally......Everything in our universe is also interconnected and codependent,.... including our thoughts and feelings.

Imagine that all human thoughts EVER.....are still in existence somewhere in the cosmos, are interconnected based on frequencies that attract (positive thoughts attract positive thoughts.... while negative thoughts attract negative thoughts..... [explains a lot of the world's current and past history!],... and that WE CAN CREATE THOUGHTS THAT OTHERS CAN EXPERIENCE. The concept of frequencies, vibrations and energy…has important implications for our understanding of the universe. It suggests that the universe is not made up of discrete objects, but rather a continuous field of energy and vibration (String Theory).

Everything in our universe is connected and interdependent, including thoughts and feelings, with each subatomic particle.... affecting every other part. This idea is known as the principle of entanglement, which is a fundamental concept in quantum physics.

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Quantum Entanglement.

Quantum Entanglement:

  • Quantum mechanics suggests that everything in the universe is part of a quantum field. Particles like electrons and photons are excitations (energy) and a part of the quantum field.
  • Thoughts and emotions, being associated with brain activity, can be considered as patterns of energy within these quantum fields.
  • Quantum entanglement is a phenomenon where particles can become interconnected and the state of one can instantly influence the state of another with a similar frequency, no matter how far apart they are....anywhere on the planet....or throughout the universe.
  • If we consider thoughts and emotions as quantum information, they might have an entanglement aspect. This means changes in one part of the quantum field (like in our brain) could instantaneously affect another part (like someone else's brain), even across vast distances.
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LOVE + WONDER.... how the color RED stimulates LOVE.

The science behind the human physiological mechanism that creates feelings of LOVE, from the color RED (as an example), with its vibrational frequency of 400-484 THz and its wavelength of 620-750nm.


The Many Functions That Make it Work:

The association of the color red with human feelings of love and passion can be attributed to our brain's neurological responses and our ability to process and interpret colors, several human-only physiological responses causing heightened sensory awareness, hormone release including Oxytocin (the LOVE HORMONE) associated with feelings of LOVE, bonding and attachment, and arousal and alertness hormones such as adrenaline (epinephrine). The color red can also trigger our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, along with multiple psychological mechanisms, evolutionary biological cues and human learned associations to spur the feelings of LOVE.

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Visual Perception and the Brain:

Retina and Photoreceptors: The human eye contains photoreceptors called cones, which are sensitive to different wavelengths of light. Red light (620-750 nm) stimulates the long-wavelength cones (L-cones) in the retina.

Signal Processing: The signals from the L-cones are processed by the brain's visual cortex. This processing is not just about recognizing the color but also about interpreting its significance based on context and past experiences.

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Arousal and Alertness:

Sympathetic Nervous System: Red is a stimulating color that can activate the sympathetic nervous system, leading to physiological arousal. This can include increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, and heightened sensory awareness. These physical changes are similar to those experienced during emotional states such as love or passion.
Adrenaline Release: The stimulation from the color red can trigger the release of adrenaline (epinephrine), a hormone associated with the body's fight-or-flight response. Adrenaline increases heart rate and energy levels, which can enhance feelings of excitement and arousal.

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Emotional and Psychological Associations:

Learned Associations: Over time, people learn to associate certain colors with specific emotions. Red is often linked to LOVE, warmth, energy, and intensity. Cultural and social conditioning play a significant role in these associations.
Romantic and Social Conditioning: In many cultures, red is linked to romantic symbols like hearts and roses, which are associated with LOVE and passion. This conditioning can create a strong emotional response when individuals see the color red.

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Neurological Responses:

Brain Activity: Exposure to red light can influence brain activity, particularly in areas related to emotion and arousal. Studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) have shown that certain colors can activate the limbic system, which is involved in processing emotions such as LOVE.
Hormonal Influence: Seeing the color red can also influence the release of certain hormones such as oxytocin, sometimes called the "LOVE HORMONE," which is associated with LOVE, bonding and emotional attachment.

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Evolutionary Factors:

Survival and Reproduction: From an evolutionary perspective, red can signal important biological cues, such as the ripeness of fruit or the presence of blood, indicating potential food sources or injury. In the context of human interaction, redness in the skin (blushing) can be a sign of health and vitality, which are desirable traits in mate selection.

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The Observer Effect and Emotional Response:

The act of observing art changes both the observer and the observed. In a quantum context, this might be likened to the observer effect. When we engage with art, we bring our own experiences and emotions, which in turn can transform our emotional state, potentially fostering LOVE.