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How to truly experience joy through art.

Art, in its various forms, has the extraordinary power to move us emotionally, transcending the boundaries of language and logic. To truly feel passion and deep emotions when experiencing art, you need to mentally and emotionally engage with it on a personal and immersive level.

How art can uplift your home.

Art has the remarkable ability to transform a living space, infusing it with personality, emotion, and style.

How to live your best creative life.

Living a Creative Life is adopting a mindset and worldview that sees creativity as awe and wonder, giving the ability to live a vibrant Great Big Life of vitality both mentally and physically. It is the ability to think, imagine, create, and express yourself in unique and meaningful ways that make you happy.

How giving back changes you.

The Ripple Effect of Generosity. I believe that we should be the change we seek in the world and that helping others, also allows us to live our best life.

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"Through art we can recognize ourself."

Art is such a privilege. Great art offers a visceral human experience, to emotionally connect us with our best self.

Sustainably Made in the USA

We only have one planet. I am committed to sustainable best practices, a low carbon footprint, conserving natural resources, and US-made quality materials in my art practice wherever possible.

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The choice between original and print artwork ultimately depends on personal preferences, budget, wall space considerations, artwork size, room design and other interior design aesthetics.

How to Find Art That Fits You.

Deciding on art that you truly love, is a highly personal process that involves considering your tastes, preferences, home design style, wall space, and your unique personal style and individuality.

The Highest Quality Archival Prints

I am highly committed to providing the highest archival quality reproductions to my valued customers, that will last up to 100 years. There are many important steps to ensure that museum-quality prints hang on your wall.

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I create artworks that not only captivate your eye... but will also resonate deeply with your heart.... and will bring LOVE to your place.

By harnessing the 30+ years of study and knowledge of the science of Quantum Physics, Vibrational Color Theory, The Energy of Intention, The Vibrational Frequencies of Shapes and Symbols, and the Universal Interconnectedness of All Things, as an artist I can imbue my canvases with LOVE.

When channeled, my artforms, can transcend the physical medium and touch the souls of those who encounter it, inspiring feelings of LOVE that are unique to each viewer.

The Love + Wonder Collection

“I believe ART and LOVE are the same."

My 'Love+Wonder' Collection is art built on THE REAL SCIENCE OF HOW LOVE CAN TRANSFORM US, through our thinking, through our actions, through our mindset and THROUGH THE ART WE EXPERIENCE in our homes and places of work.


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Discover the Creative Life. Discover You.

#creativelife is choosing to live with a sense of vitality, purpose, and connection within your environment and the beauty of the world around you.

#creativelife is a way of thinking that encompasses both the physical and emotional aspects of your life. It enables a deep sense of engagement and purpose, a connection with all things creative. It's gives a feeling of joy to break from the drudgery, that can be cultivated through a variety of practices, including looking at te world through a creative lens, physical activity, mindfulness, connection with others, and pursuing our passions and interests with vigor.

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