The best life, most fullest one lived creatively. Creativity is a gift to all of humanity, that each of us can choose to explore, or not.

Living your best creative life involves nurturing your creativity, embracing experimentation and adventure, and fostering a creative perspective that allows your creative spirit to thrive. 

It is adopting a mindset and worldview that sees creativity as awe and wonder, giving the ability to live a vibrant Great Big Life of vitality both mentally and physically. It is the ability to think, imagine, create, and express yourself in unique and meaningful ways that make you happy. It is the desire to dream big.

Creative Life is a perspective, it is actions, and it is a community and movement of like-minded people who share similar values to you.

Living Creatively is a Life Well-Lived.

#creativelife is a life of vibrancy, a life full of love and passion. It is seeing and creating your world to be effervescent, interesting and full of adventure - just choosing to live and love with this perspective.

 It is accepting the humdrum and negativity of the world, but deciding to live your life on your own unique creative terms, releasing the need to conform to the norms of others, regardless of what they
might think.

It is doing your very best to live your best life possible, seeing the positive, embracing the joy in creative things, and incorporating design, curiosity and creative ideas that stimulate and interest you.... around you in your unique home, work, personal life, style and community.

Creativity is a fundamental aspect of human nature.

Creative Life is a movement towards living a life of joyous wonder and happiness, engaging in creative things with a curious mind. Most importantly…living a Creative Life puts LOVE for yourself and others at the core center of your worldview and your actions.

Embrace LOVE. Find Your Passion.

Discover what truly excites and inspires you. Explore different art forms, hobbies, or activities until you find something that resonates deeply with you. Put LOVE at the center of your thinking. LOVE is one of the most fundamental and essential human emotions. It is a universal feeling that transcends culture, race, religion, and gender, and has the power to connect us with one another on a deep and profound level. Love is the foundation of many of our most important relationships, including our friendships, romantic relationships, and our familial relationships. LOVE is important in the world because it brings us the most joy and happiness. It allows us to experience the beauty and wonder of life on a deeper level, and to appreciate the people and experiences that make life worth living. Love can bring meaning and purpose to our lives, and help us to feel a sense of connection and belonging in a sometimes chaotic and uncertain world.

Set Aside Time for Creativity.

No matter how busy you are.....find time, even if just a be creative. Find activities that envelop your mind in pure joy.....I have many,.... including ocean sailing. Make creativity a priority in your life by dedicating regular time to engage in creative pursuits. Being creative can significantly benefit your mental state by providing a means of expression, fostering a sense of accomplishment, and promoting mindfulness. Engaging in creative activities allows you to channel emotions and thoughts into tangible forms, providing catharsis and relief from stress. Moreover, the process of creating something new can boost self-esteem and confidence as you achieve completion of your projects. Creative pursuits often require focus and concentration, encouraging mindfulness and helping to alleviate anxiety and rumination. Being creative provides a therapeutic outlet for your mind, offering both relaxation and a sense of fulfillment.