“I want people to feel something when they experience my art.”
Peter Ashworth, is a California Impact Artist, who seeks to evoke profound emotions and inspire transformation through his art. a creator, adventurer, ocean sailor, Philanthropist, environmentalist, ex-corporate CEO, and life coach whose purpose is to change lives. I am very family-focused, and also founded and run a non-profit (Humanity We) to address extreme poverty in small poor communities around the world. My life purpose is to uplift the lives of others through art, philanthropy, and helping others. Art can help us make sense of the world by providing us with new perspectives, challenging our assumptions, expressing emotions and experiences, and creating meaning. I believe in the power of great art to engage, entertain, and uplift, and aim to spark imagination and encourage self-expression. With a keen eye for color and design honed over decades, I like to craft art that inspires and resonates with my viewers, inviting them to think deeper and connect with their true selves. Through my creative process, I want to make a positive impact on individuals, homes, society, and the environment, envisioning a world where art fosters well-being and fosters positive change.

“Great art helps people to think deeper, feel alive, connect with their true selves, and feel more connected to the world around them. Art has the power to heal, inspire, manifest, and create positive change.“